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First Class Hand Made Spoon and fork Manufacturer of Thailand.

Mission of Silver Stone 2010 Craft Center  

1. Members could produce and distribute the products directly to the client without the middle person.
2. Uniqueness among the community.
3. Price Cut problem solving.  

 Objectives of Silver Stone 2010 Craft Center   

1. To strengthen the craft business in order to have negotiation power with middle person.
2. To seek for the support of government and private sector on this type of craft.
3. To prepare the catalogue of these goods.
4. To preserve bronze craft to be with Pradith-trorakarn Community.
5. To preserve local intelligence of the ancestor.
6. To exhibit and distribute to the public.

 Silver Stone 2010 Craft Center Role.

1. Receive and share the order to members under the fairness principle. The method is sweepstake the order. The products must be inspected by the center before hand to the clients.
2. Sell the goods at exhibitions under the expense of the center.


Silver Stone - 100 % Refund if you aren't satisfied and 40% - 50% Discount for DHL " Door to Door " service.

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