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    KA-AT002 : Black Ashtray.

    Price: USD18.49

  • Product Code: KA-AT002
  • Product Name: Black Ashtray
  • Product Type: Home Decor, Decorative Item, Special Gift
  • Product Description: This contemporary and exclusive ashtray is an 4-star OTOP handcraft product from Nonthaburi. It is made of high quality clay and carefully carved with original Thai patterns. The black colour is created by a special technique while baking without an additional colour. With good packaging and plactic bubble wrapping the product, we can assure that the product is safely shipped to you.
  • Estimated Dimension: 37 x 11.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.21 kg
  • Back ground : This renowned handcraft pottery is called as Kwan Aman, ancient Mon Pottery in Nonthaburi province. Nowadays, it has become Nonthaburi’s oldest handcraft and symbol. The pottery is fundamentally baked unglazed clay carved with intricate patterns.
  • Specification: 1. Used as an ashtray.
    2. Suitable for home decoration.
    3. Suitable for souvenir from Thailand.

  • Remark : 1. Net weight, size and pattern can be slightly different due to being hand-made product.
    2. Tailor made orders are also welcome.
  • Capacity: 300 - 500 units / month

  • Thai 2 U : 100 % Refund if you aren't satisfied and 40% - 50% Discount for DHL " Door to Door " service.

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