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The miracle of “Golden Leave” - the masterpiece heritage of southern Thailand.

The miracle of Golden Leave the only one in the world, the heritage of Narathiwat Province.

the Golden Leave is newly plant of the world which scientific name is Bauhinia aureifalia This is has been found at Pajo Waterfall, the National Park of Khao Budo-Sungaipadi, Bajoh Subdistrict, Narathiwat Province and known as Yahn Da Oh The Golden Leave has been given to H.R.H. Princess Sirindhorn, then sending to the laboratory The Denmark for scientific method then announce that this is newly plant of the world by Professor Kai Larsen, the Botanist of the Netherlands on A.D. 1989 and printing in Nodic Journal of Botany Vol. 9 No. 3 page of 253-256

Scientific Name : Bauhinia aureifalia K.& S.S.Larsen
Family : Leguminosea
Stalk : it is climber plant, the stalk is quite big and grow up by clime to the higher
Leaf : The leaf look like Bauhinia purpurea Linn's Leaf, the size is around 10x18 cms Cordate Type and Obovate Type the surface of leaf is pretty delicate






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