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  • Antique Telephone #6

    Ancient Telephone
    158/5 Moo 10 Irrigation Canal Street,
    Suthep Sub-District, Muang District,
    Chiang Mai 50200 Tel. 01-2890260

    Email : ancient-tel@thaitradepoint.com

  • Featured Product

    Antique Telephone #5

    Price: USD110.00
    This model i, of course, designed for the wall. You may hang it anywhere in the house you find convenient to make use of. Its receiver and the telephone rest are specially designed. The wooden case shows beautiful texture while the clock is attached for you. The dial provides a socket that can hold a photo of yours or somebody else. This is applicable to the tone and pulse systems. Celebrating time is approaching. Got any gifts in hand? If not, pick up some and you'll have them just within few days. As for production capacity, we can produce 100 sets a week.
  • Size: 55 x 25 x 18 cm.
  • Weight: 1,000 g.

  • 100 % Refund if you aren't satisfied and 40% - 50% Discount for DHL " Door to Door " service.

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