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Profile :
           The word "Thai" means something not only to Thai people, but also others people in the world. As one of Thai people, AURA products are created to represent Thai culture to any people in the world. Under the AURA, there are several items to present Thai / authentic style in the various Thai decorative handicrafts expertise in mainly 4 categories; Thai Style Pillows, Reed Organ, Fancy / Jelly Aromatic Candles and Thai-Art resin handicrafts cover with 18 karat gold in various designs, such as, the Royal Barge, the Royal Chariot , the Royal War Elephant or the Three-headed Elephant, etc.

           AURA is the manufacturer and worldwide distributor which aims to promote Thai products to international market. Our goal is not only market the Thai products, but also assist or support local Thai people in the handicraft skills. All of our products are totally real hand made. Most of the products are made by local villager; Thai people who live in the northeast part of Thailand. This is guarantee that every AURA product you bought definitely present very authentic Thai style with high quality and reasonable prices.

Products Information :

Thai-Art resin handicrafts cover with 18 karat gold. :
    This category is very fine product. The handicrafts are in the various designs, such as, the royal barge, the royal chariot, the royal war elephant or the three-headed elephant, etc which are related to the several kinds of Thai Royal conveyances in the past. The handicraft is made of resin which covers by 18 karat gold. It comes with a red velvet base and clear plastic box which not only keep it clean inside, but it also create the reflection from the yellow light to shine through the golden inside. It looks very gorgeous especially decorates in the house with the modern Oriental style.

Thai Style Pillows :
     Thai style pillows are in several shapes. The most popular pillow shape is triangle shape, which can be in normal shape and special shape. The special triangle shape can be unfolded not only to rest your head on a pillow, but also can rest the rest of your body on the soft cushion as well because the pillow is made of real KAPOK plant which grows mostly in the northeast part of Thailand. Moreover, they are all real hand made from local village people, which pattern and texture remarkably presents authentic Thai design and style.

Reed Organ:
      Reed organ or "Whote" in dialect local language, is one of the ancient Thai wind instruments. The body is made of a section of bamboo, without nodes, the bamboo is dried over a fire, during which process designs are made on the bamboo. Various sizes are made for short and long, according to the pitch and range desired.

Fancy / Jelly Aromatic Candles :
Candle is the primitive lighting source during the night in our lives for long period of time. Nowadays, candle still plays a significant role for our modern lives. There are currently several design of candles which coordinated with the good scents.

Jelly candle is one of the new kind of candle which represents the modern way of living today. The material of jelly candle is made of crystal jelly in the glass which totally reshape the previous candle. It seems like a little aquarium in the glass. Moreover, whenever you light the jelly, the aroma scent is scattered over the room without smoke. The jelly itself can be refilled to be a new one which make the jelly candle can be reused not only for lighting purpose but also for decorating in the house as well. It's a new way of candles today.

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