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  • O-Ring Garland
    Price: $6.00

    From our Jasmina clay again, we form up those rose petals, green leaves and white flowers. But this time we then fasten these items together to form an o-ring garland as you can see. At its far end, we also attach a ribbon for hanging purpose. The colors applied are toxic free and last long. This is another traditional way of practice when we have an auspicious ooccasion like wedding ceremony. Those Thais who are Buddhists also offer Buddha images with the garland as well. This replica takes quite a certain period of time to finish; each of our employees can produce 3 bunches a day.
  • Weight: 200 g.
  • Size: 5.5"

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  • 100 % Refund if you aren't satisfied and 40% - 50% Discount for DHL " Door to Door " service.

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