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In 1989, Kiddy Toys Company Limited started producing a wide range
of high quality wooden toys, games for children from rubber wood;
children in every corner of the world then have the opportunity to play
with creative toys made from natural and non-toxic materials. Our
different toys are originated from the natural creativity of the Thai
people and from local materials available. They are designed for
their beauty, creative and imaginative as well as educational values,
durability and functionality. With the combination of these aspects that
are of the Thai origins, it provides Kiddy Toys a threshold of unlimited
variety of toys that could compete with others in the world arena.

Kiddy Toys is also well - prepared to meet quality, safety requirements
and environmental conservation trend both locally and internationally;
reliability in our production process conforming to the requirements of
the aforesaid standards is then guaranteed. Naturally, rubber plantations
have existed in tropical countries for hundreds of years. They have been
used mainly for the production of latex. When the economic life of the
rubber tree, approximately 30 years, comes to an end, the planters fell
these trees down and replace them with the young ones. These fallen
eco-friendly rubber trees are excellent timbers. Normally, its color is pale
cream to yellowish brown. Its working properties, however, can be claimed
in terms of durability, resistant to many fungal, bacterial and mould attacks,
etc. Consequently, the rubber wood then can be applied, among other
things, for our toys and games.


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