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In the very north of Thailand a land once called Siam, where nature in all it's beauty has laid undisturbed for Centuries there lived a diverse community of people who flourished in an atmosphere of peace and happiness as did their arts. Their place was called Lanna Thai. The realm of Lanna Thai extended outwards from its centre of Chiangmai to Pugam, Loas, Hariphunchai and Sukothai. This realm was a thriving centre for art, blending with it the culture of Lanna Thai. Upon receiving the Celadon secret from China, Sukothai began exparting. This way the Celadon art was bought to Chiang Mai. Therefore with te destruction of Sukothai and its culture. Chiang Mai stood alone to continue the time-honoured tradition.

The Beauty of the Past 2000 Unchange Years
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Company Profile

Factory & Showroom Siam Celadon Ltd., Part (since 1976)

38 Moo 10 , Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Rd., Tumbon Tonpao , Sankampaeng , Chiang Mai 50130 Thailand
Telephone ( 66 53 ) 384241
Facsimile ( 66 53 ) 384241

Member of Northern Handicrafts Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Member of the Chamber of Chiang Mai, and Member of Exporting Department of Thailand
Type of Business Showroom, Manufacturer, and Exporter
Expertise & Product Type

Professional in producing fine and quality high fired Stoneware handicrafts with natural wood ash glaze ( celacon )
Product Line Main Product - top tableware Minor Product - figurines, vases, lamp bases, and Decorative items
Product qualification Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, oven safe, and no toxic
Capacity 10 tons/month
Workers 120 workers
Production Lead Time 6 - 12 weeks, depending on final confirmation and quantity
Exporting Worldwide - especially U.S.A., Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, etc..


The clay along with ingredients are pulverized and sieved into uniformly sized particles.

L'argile et les ingredients sont pulvriss et tamiss uniformment en paticles homognes.

The clay is then thrown on a wheel.

L'argile est ensuite place sur la meule.

The piece is then checked prior to "Bisque" firing after which Celadon style embellishments and carving are excuted.

Puis la piece est examinee prealablement au chauffage "bisque" apres quio la decoration et la gravure du style Celadon sont executees.

After careful quality control the wood ash glaze is applied then placed in the kiln.

Chaque piece, apres controle attentif de qualite de vitrification est place dans le four.

100 % Refund if you aren't satisfied and 40% - 50% Discount for DHL " Door to Door " service.

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