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We, siamphompthan co, ltd., are one of the large mulberry paper manufacturers in Thailand.
Our company is recommended by the development of export promotion, at present, we alsoexportthe Mulberry paper and products to USA., Europe and Asia; and paper and products are warmly welcomed by lots of importers. Mulberry tree is a kind of perennial plant which is grown up naturally by itself. The mulberry tree will be cut every 8 months for taking the fibre from mulberry tree which is used for producing mulberry paper. Although the mulberry tree is cut, it does not effect to environment because it can be regrown up after cutting. Because mulberry tree can be grown up by itself fastly and be found ordinarily in the area of mountain and riverside, there is no problem in quantity of mulberry fibre which is a raw material. Mulberry paper is more beautiful than other kinds of paper because the long fibre can be seen. In addition, the mulberry paper cannot be destroyed by insects. So it can be said that the quality of mulberry paper is as good as others, or may be better. As mentioned that we are a manufactuer of mulberry paper and products, we produce machine-made paper and the products such as paper bag, box, photo frame & notebook, letter set and greeting cards. Also, we are able to set up the process as our customers requirement in terms of color, design, size and weight of paper for each order. In order to support the environmental protection project, our company has processed to recycle the wasted materials and scraps of mulberry paper to produce new products and return them to the market. Mulberry paper and products are organized into groups of gift items. The mulberry paper, ribbon, and string can be used for gift wrapping and decoration. In addition, our mulberry paper is used as materials in handiwork. Also, the mulberry products such as notebook and letter set are workable for stationery.


Siamphomprathan Co., Ltd.
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Mr. Krisana Jeavipunpong
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655/1 Pracha-u-tit rd. Bangmod,Thungkru,Bangkok 10140,Thailand.
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(662) 4283181 ,4283179 ,8726445-6
Fax : (662) 4262348
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