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Thai Tatami Product Co.,Ltd. was founded in Thailand in 1993. We are only manufacturer that produces fine various products of "Tatami" mat which partially made from our "Igusa" rush. With high technology machines and skilled craftsmen, we can make products meet to Japanese standards at Thai price. We wholesale, retail and made-to-order the products of Tatami mat to customers in Thailand, and export to Japan and throughout the world.
We plant "Igusa" rush in Thailand. Tatami rush or "Igusa" as it is called by the Japanese was originally developed over 2,000 years ago. Similar to rice, so we plant and grow Igusa in the north of Thailand. Planting takes place at the beginning of the rainy season and a good rush takes six months to grow. The "Igusa" plant is not really affected by insects or plant diseases.
Best selection ensures the best quality product. We select strong "Igusa" grasses to make quality Tatami mat, which is thin,soft and durable. If properly treated, Tatami mat will last over ten years. We produce neatly various products from Tatami mat such as cushion, mattress, pillow, floorboard, table-topped d?cor, as well as personal accessories.
The natural colour of Tatami mat is light brown with a little of yellow and green tints. This is why furniture made from Tatami mat brings comfort and warmth to your interior. Dressed in decorative high grade matting and very pleasant to the touch of nature. The Tatami mat adapts perfectly to the modern interiors and their furnitures. Also Tatami mat is particularly useful in room for the toddlers, who can play and stumble there, without danger.
Health product betters your health. There are countless small holes inside Tatami mat's fiber, These holes are able to absorb humidity and ventilate heat, and to breathe in Nitrogen Dioxide which damage health and breathe out Oxygen. Whenever you lie down or sit on Tatami mat, you will always feel fresh and comfortably, although it is a sweaty hot day. Moreover, the soft and pliant fibers of the mat will massage the sole of your feet and stimulate your blood circulation, when you walk on Tatami mat flooring.
Easy way to care and maintain for long lasting Tatami mats Tatami mat are surprisingly durable and easy to clean, requiring only a damp cloth to wipe off stains and let the products perfectly dry. You should keep Tatami mat in an airy dry place, do not allow it to get wet or to wash it. Shoes or even house slippers are not worn on Tatami mat, and furniture with salted or barred legs is recommended to prevent marks from being made on the mat. It should be noted that Tatami mat is neither fire-resistant nor stain-resistant. Although Tatami mat may be used outside, but should bring it indoors after use.


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